This policy applies to Registered users only. 

Customer agrees to provide a delivery address where order can be delivered to a secure and dry location.

RETURNS/ORDER ERRORS: Due to the nature of trading cards, all sales are final and non-returnable. All returns will be at buyers expense and will be charged a 20% re-stocking fee and a $10 handling charge once they are deemed in saleable condition, complete, undamaged and unsearched. No returns or refunds for any product that has been opened and/or searched.  All Return claims must be sent within 3 business days of order receipt of product to qualify for return claim consideration. All Order Error claims must be sent within 3 business days of order receipt of product to qualify for claim resolution. Absolutely no claims older than 15 business days from delivery date will be considered for any refund, return or replacement.

REFUNDS: Refund will only be considered for incorrect product shipped. Partial refunds may be offered for damaged product. No refunds or exchange for orders delivered and damaged by delivery company (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.), natural elements or mechanical issues at delivery location. This includes but not limited to, wind, rain, snow or fire. Orders stolen/missing from shipping location where tracking shows delivered and recipient claims non-delivery are not eligible for refund or exchange. No refunds for manufacturer production damage (mars, streaks, lines, dents, dings, etc.) that occurred during creation of the product.  These issues must be claimed with manufacturer. Undelivered orders will be considered for a refund only after 30 days from ship date unless tracking shows in transit. All Refund claims must be sent within 3 business days of order receipt of product to warrant consideration. Refund request require the following: Clear, readable pictures of incorrect or damaged product and pictures of shipping carton with shipping label attached are required. All refund approvals are at the discretion of Card Giants and their representatives. 

UNAPPLIED COUPON CODE REFUNDS NOT ALLOWED.  Due to continued abuse of promo and coupon code limits, no refunds for promo or coupon codes not applied to purchase at time of checkout.  If order does not have coupon code applied, order must be cancelled (see order cancellation policy below) and new order made with promo or coupon code applied at checkout to track and apply any limits to buyers purchases.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Since the shipping for International orders is paid by the buyer, all claims for refunds of non-delivered or damaged shipments are the responsibility of the buyer to file claim with shipper to recover any refund or reimbursement due. Only refunds considered by Card Giants for missing or damaged International orders will be for orders that are returned to Card Giants within 30 days of shipment. After 30 days, no refunds, credits or reimbursements will be offered by Card Giants.

PRICE CHANGES: Since pricing on trading cards fluctuates with the market on a daily basis (much like the stock market), no refunds are given for differences in product pricing due to market price adjustments.

ORDER CANCELLATON: For orders cancelled within 30 minutes of purchase by emailing request to [email protected], a 15% charge will be deducted to cover payment of processing fees applied to purchase and refund that cannot be recovered and are incurred by Card Giants. Any order cancellation request after that time will be charged a $25 fee plus 15% of the final sale amount to cover restocking, payment service fees, fulfillment and labor costs incurred by Card Giants.

SHORTAGES:  All order shortages must be reported within 5 working days of receiving order in order to receive replacement or refund.  Shortages reported after 5 working days will not be considered for replacement or refund.

AUCTION TERMS & PAYMENTS: Coupon codes do not apply to items purchased from Auctions or Buy It Now.  All auctions must be paid within 3 days of winning the auction.  If payment not received within 3 days, item will automatically be relisted.  Unpaid auction user account(s) can be put on hold at the discretion of Card Giants for non-payment of auctions won. 

DROP SHIPPING, BILLING/SHIPPING ADDRESSES: Due to a huge increase in credit card fraud orders, we will no longer allow billing and shipping addresses to be different for non-registered user orders.  Registered users will currently only be allowed 1 order every 15 days with a separate billing and shipping address.  All subsequent credit card orders will default to the billing address as the shipping if shipping address is different than the billing address,  This policy is under ongoing revision and is subject to change without notice in order to eliminate any possibility of credit card fraud.   All drop ship orders must be pre-approved and a fee may be charged based on location that order is being drop shipped to.

PROCESSING FEES: Beginning 12/1/2023, we will begin charging a 2% card processing fee.  This fee is non-refundable and will not be included in any refunds or order cancellations.  This fee will be increased to a maximum of 3% after regular evaluation of current processing fees charged by card processing companies.